17 May 2024

‘AI Algorithms and their Impact on Society’: Third Episode of the Cyber Valley Podcast with Celestine Mendler-Dünner

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The Cyber Valley Podcast continues to dive into the minds of the ELLIS Institute Tübingen. The third episode features our Principal Investigator Celestine Mendler-Dünner, an expert in machine learning focusing her research on the foundations of AI systems and their impact on society.


Celestine leads the ‘Algorithms and Society’ group at the ELLIS Institute Tübingen and holds a co-affiliation with the Tübingen AI Center and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems as an Independent Research Group Leader.
With 10 years of experience in conducting research in both industry and academia, Celestine is advancing our understanding of machine learning systems as components of a broader socio-technical ecosystem. Together with her research group, Celestine aims to build reliable and scalable systems with a positive impact on society.

In this episode, Celestine talks about her research goals and challenges:

  • How do AI systems affect our society?

  • Do predictions describe or steer outcomes?

  • How to incorporate these social phenomena to ensure reliability of AI tools?

Celestine also discusses her path to becoming a recognized expert in the field, from her Ph.D. at ETH Zurich and IBM, to her postdoc experience at UC Berkeley, to joining the Tübingen AI Community and the ELLIS Institute Tübingen.

For this and more, watch the full episode below, or listen to it on Spotify here.

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