12 April 2024

First episode of the Cyber Valley Podcast Series with the ELLIS Institute Tübingen

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Our Principal Investigators are the guests of the first Cyber Valley podcast, an exciting series that aims to dive into the heart of AI innovation with leading experts. Our PIs talk about their research, their journey and their vision for the future of AI in Tübingen and Europe.


The first protagonist of the Cyber Valley Podcast series is Antonio Orvieto, our youngest PI from Italy, who combines a passion for applications with a solid theoretical background in optimization theory and statistics. Antonio currently leads the Deep Models and Optimization group, which promises to develop new optimizers and neural networks to accelerate scientific discovery through efficient and reliable training. He also holds a co-appoitment with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Tübingen AI Center.

In this episode, Antonio talks about his vision for the future of AI:
- How can we define AI?
- What are the strengths and limitations?
- Which areas will benefit the most?
Antonio also talks about his journey that led him to the ELLIS Institute Tübingen, joining the Cyber Valley Community and The Länd.

For this and more, watch the full episode at the link below:



More Information

  • Find more details about Antonio's Deep Models and Optimization group here.
  • Find more details about Cyber Valley here.


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