07 June 2024

Cyber Valley Podcast with Wieland Brendel: "Education & farming will completely change with AI!"

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Through a podcast series dedicated entirely to the Principal Investigators of the ELLIS Institute Tübingen, Cyber Valley continues to explore the profound implications of artificial intelligence with leading experts in the field.


The fourth episode features Wieland Brendel, our PI who leads the Robust Machine Learning team at the ELLIS Institute. He is also co-affiliated as an Independent Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Tübingen AI Center. In addition to his extensive experience as a research group leader, Wieland is the co-founder of the innovative startup MaddoxAI and the initiator and leader of the Polybot project.
With pioneering goals such as revolutionizing regenerative farming and creating human-like machine vision systems, Wieland's group is set to develop cutting-edge, adaptable machine vision technology that sees and understands the world like humans.

In this episode, Wieland talks about his vision for AI, his research, and his professional journey. He particularly focuses on the benefits AI can bring to two fields: farming and education.

For this and more, watch the full episode below, or listen to it on Spotify here.
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